Dealer Mobile Marketing Expands Into Kansas with Scholfield Hyundai East Auto Dealer


Scholfield Hyundai East

Scholfield Hyundai East out of Wichita, Kansas joins Dealer Mobile Marketing to incorporate mobile messaging  to their desk top website.  “They really understand how customers prefer to communicate” said Elliott Lerdo, president of Dealer Mobile Marketing in Florida.  Dealer Mobile Marketing is currently inviting dealers to try out their new software Free for 30 days.  “We’re putting our money where our mouth is and after dealers see the value, they won’t opt out” stated Mike Maggs, National Sales Director for Dealer Mobile Marketing.

 Mobile is already exploding and texting will be the preferred method of communication now and into the future. Dealer Mobile Marketing  software for auto dealers is the ONLY mobile provider that allows auto dealers the flexibility to create any type of mobile campaign marketing strategy they can imagine. Our software is packed with many unique features which differentiate us from every other mobile platform in the market place. No other provider has all the tools and functionality that exist in our system. It drives leads into your C.R.M. Visit us at




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