Sales Increase as Dealership Learns To Communicate With Mobile Clients



Our 4th month at our experimental Ford store in Florida brings record sales. There’s no question that we had to experience a learning curve with the handling of mobile leads.  This month our software produce 9 mobile sales with an estimated gross revenue for the dealership of $22,500 (9 sales@$2500 per copy) at this Dealership.  Not bad for a $349.00 monthly investment using our software.  I spoke with the internet director about some of the changes made with the handling of mobile leads,his reply “we are just trying to get the consumer to engage.  Instead of asking when they want to come in, we ask questions like, Do you want additional pictures?, Are you planning on trading anything? Anything to get them to text us  back and its working.”   There you go!  Mobile is making am impact in the car business, but so many car dealer are being reluctant to sign on. Big mistake considering how mobile is growing and evolving in or daily lives and will have a huge impact on e-Commerce. Here is the Lead report from our experimental Ford store showing how many mobile leads came in both new and used and how many sold.  It’s only the beginning.  If your a dealer reading this, get yours at




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